Road to the World Cup: Top 5 Places to Visit in Egypt

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 14 when host Russia takes on Saudi Arabia and given that we love both travelling and the beautiful game of football (soccer), Prometour is previewing every participating country’s best destinations to visit throughout the month of June.

With a fascinating history that reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered the oldest travel destination on earth. And with a slogan that reads, “Where it all Begins,” what better place to spotlight first than the country that dates back to the time of the pharaohs. There’s just so much to see and do in Egypt, from The Red Sea coast (known for its coral reefs and beach resorts) to the Sahara desert to the historical region of Sinai and more. No matter where you travel in Egypt, you’ll find the Egyptians proud of their heritage and ready to show you the many awe-inspiring temples, pyramids, and monuments that have captured the imagination of tourists for thousands of years. Unfortunately, we are limited to choosing only five places for each destination, which makes the entire process of compiling these lists rather frustrating. But after much deliberation, here are our top five things to do when visiting Egypt.

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