10 Free Travel Apps You Need to Download in 2017

As we've mentioned in our previous blogs, the time to travel is now and travelling in 2017 is so easy. Today's technology offers a ton of resources and support to prepare you before your trip and once you're abroad. We decided to compile that exact list for you to reference before you leave for summer vacation. Here's our favorite and the 10 Free Travel Apps You Need to Download in 2017:

 1) WiFi Finder

When travelling abroad, using data just isn't a thing we suggest unless you want a hefty bill waiting for you when you get home. Sometimes you just need wifi, you need to send a message to Mom or you're hungry and want something local. With Wi-Fi Finder, the app allows you to find the closest Wi-Fi you can connect to without using any data.

2) SunSmart

SunSmart has to be one of our favorite apps off of this list. When travelling to countries further South and closer to the equator - sunscreen is essential. There is nothing worse than getting sunburnt so badly that it ruins the rest of your trip. With this app, the UV rays are detected and you can install a timer for when you need to reapply. We suggest for all of our student travellers to carry a bottle of sunscreen with them as many of us may not be used to the scorching sun.

3) Entrain

Long-haul trip? Entrain is the easiest way to beat jet lag. This free app helps you adapt to your new destination with suggestions of when to sleep and when to wake up related to your original home base timezone. What's great is that the app works alongside another to wake you up when you need to so you don't get lost in the jetlag all over again.

4) Tipulator

Knowing how much to tip across the globe is very important. While back home; leaving a 10-15% tip may be the standard however in China or Japan that kind of tip is extremely offensive. Some countries require higher, while some require nothing. With Tipulator, you won't have to worry about what's the standard tip or not because the app will not only calculate how much you should leave, but as well as internationally for the globe trotter like you.

5) TravelSafe

It's always good to know your surroundings and be aware of the local emergency numbers in case anything does happen. 911 may be different in Italy, so with TravelSafe you can find the numbers for the local police, fire station and medic.

6) Onavo Extend

As we mentioned, roaming charges and data are a huge no-no when travelling abroad if you don't want to cash out on your next phone bill. However, there are times where accidently, whatever you are trying to access may download and while it does that it downloads twice as big and slow. By downloading this free app Onavo Extend, you can rest assured that you will never run into this gut-wrenching issue.

7) Bravolol

We've mentioned Bravolol as one of our favorite travel app companions and there's no reason why it shouldn't be your favorite offline language tool. Offering tons of content for free to users, what makes Bravolol awesome is that it not only works offline, you can save your favorite phrases making them easier to access AND it records your pronunciation so you can be corrected before and on the go.

8) CityMaps2Go

Sometimes paper maps get crumpled in your bag and they're so large to unfold that they become annoying to even take out of your bag and use. Lucky for you CityMaps2Go offers all that you have from the traditional map all on your smartphone. No need to worry about storing it safely away in a pocket as this version is crumple free. Plus, the app works offline so you have no need to worry about data charges or connecting to wifi.

9) Google Translate

Hands down, Google Translate is the best translator app on the market. Although many others may offer a dictionary offline style translator, the only one that uses the camera to translate is Google. If you're ever stuck reading a sign or notice that isn't in your common language, simply snag out your phone and take a snap of what you're trying to read and Google will translate that for you ASAP.

10) OANDA Currency Converter

When you're on vacation, conversion rates should be the least of your worries. We know spending wisely and accordingly is important, however, with the OANDA Currency Converter app; you won't ever have to stress again about how much is something in your regular currency.


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