A Message from Prométour in the days of COVID-19

Dear teachers, parents and students,

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and is driving all of us to adapt, both professionally & personally. I am writing to assure you that Prométour is committed to helping our clients through this with strength and resolve.

We have followed the guidance and recommendations of government agencies and public health authorities to determine how to proceed with planned travel.

Bringing Back our Groups Safely was Priority One

For our groups that were already in destination, with the help of our suppliers worldwide, Prométour was able to quickly respond to bringing everyone safely home.

Taking Care of your Groups, One at the Time

Most groups scheduled to travel this spring & summer have chosen to cancel their plans. It is reassuring to know they were priced to include regular Cancellation and Cancel-For-Any-Reason coverage, along with the Prométour Peace Of Mind program. Having a well laid out plan of action and knowing that up to 48-hours prior to departure a minimum of 75% of the trip cost would be refundable, made decision making a lot easier for our group leaders.

For groups that were scheduled to travel to/within Canada & USA, Cancellation and Cancel For Any Reason coverage were mostly an optional choice by the individual traveler. Prométour has been proactive in beginning early discussions with group leaders to minimize the financial loss for their participants.

We are all in this Together

Prométour recognizes that COVID-19 is not something that participants, school administrators, or group leaders can control. Nor can it be controlled by any of the parties involved in making a trip happen; hotels, bus companies, airlines, restaurants, activities, guides, and yes, tour operators like Prométour. Direct costs are covered by published cancellation fees in order to assure that future travelers will be able to discover and learn from the opportunities that these trips offer.


Prométour does not take advantage of these situations. As we have always done, the Prométour Management Team is reviewing each group to determine if any portion of the fees can be refunded to families. We continue to follow-up on suppliers and airlines to make sure our customers receive the maximum, but it is an ongoing effort as these things take time and answers can sometimes be slow to come. Each case is different and includes a variety of conditions that we must compose with. Our success, however, is largely due to the flexibility, and cooperation of our suppliers and the strength of their relationship with Prométour.

The COVID-19 virus will be beaten and we believe that these proactive measures will give group leaders, decision makers and travelers the confidence to choose Prométour for their future educational tour.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones.



Sébastien Letailleur

Prométour's Educational Tour Co-Founder and Owner


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