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By admin On May 11, 2018

Peru Immersion Program

Peru is a popular travel destination among teachers & students thanks to its ancient ruins, diverse ecosystems, and...

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We love finding the next best destination for students & teachers that is great for an educational tour and fitting for many...

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How exactly does Costa Rica offer the perfect educational experience for you and your students? By combining a Spanish...

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We love finding the next best destination for students & teachers - and boy do we have a good one for you this week teachers!...

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We haven't been able to stop blogging about Québec and who can blame us? From cultural experiences to international festivals...

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The list can go for 20 even 50 reasons why your next educational tour should be in Costa Rica - but we kept it short to 10...

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The precious country of Peru is a South American country that should not be overlooked. From its different geographical...

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Travelling in the summer is a given. Summer holiday comes along, you pack your bags and go off on your adventure to discover...

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