14 Fun Ways to Make Learning German Simple

Among one of the ten most spoken languages in the world; choosing to learn German is a decision you won't regret. Learning another language opens many doors of opportunity and if you learn German, you will find many present themselves in the powerful country who is the economic leader of Europe. Plus, who doesn't want to speak the same language like the great Beethoven, Kant, Freud and Einstein.
Whenever we come across amazing apps and resources for language teachers and students - we really cannot wait to share them. If our list blogs can make teaching a foreign language a little easier and overall enhance the learning experience - then we know we did something right. Instead of you digging through the web for great educational content, materials, resources and tools - we did it all for you.
So calling all German teachers - Check out these 14 Fun Ways to Make Learning German Simple:1)

Awarded as one of the Top 20 Learning Language apps by European Edtech, Busuu is currently one of the best educational apps on the market; that offers both a free and premium experience. With a free account, the app allows you to choose one language you would like to learn. If you opt in for the affordable Premium account, you'll be granted access to all 12 languages with bonus content to help your skills grow even further.

We tested it out for you - Signing up as a free user, we chose German as the language we wanted to master. At no cost, the app's learning experience uses flashcards and pronunciations for users to practice out loud before applying them in the lesson's exercises. Our German skills need some more work but with Busuu you can become a native German speaker in no time.


The Babbel app promises the German learning experience to be nothing short from easy and effective for all users. The app's founders and creators understand that every individual learns a language differently. Therefore Babbel's learning experience includes a variety of material broken down into digestible blocks fitted for every individual's skill set.

What we really love about Babbel is how it allows users to read out a German word into their microphones so their pronunciation can be evaluated and corrected, if need be. Become a savvy German speaker by reading, writing and speaking with Babbel - which believe us, covers more than just the basics.


Game-based learning is very popular in the educational community. Whenever we come across an app that combines the right amount of educational content with a fun game feel to it - we need to test it out. Mindsnacks is that game changer. Instead of using repetition or studying flashcards before being quizzed - Mindsnacks incorporates educational content within a variety of mini-games based on your German skill level.

We signed up and because of our lack of German skills, we chose beginner and played a game that was based on numbers. Before starting, we studied the numbers that would be in the level. Our mission was to keep our fish in water by correctly answering multiple choice questions on how the number displayed was written in German. If we answered wrong (which we did), your fish would flop out of water (sorry Nemo!).


Another free app with an incredibly user-friendly website is Wie Geht. Help yourself to the variety of interactive German lessons which cover everything from business related topics, to travel, the world of medicine and food. Can't decide what you want to practice? No need to worry - Wie Geht offers 3 levels with the appropriate content fitted for users of different skills set.

Why we love it? Wie Geht features an abundance of resources including grammar and verb exercises. Why not print some worksheets or have your students use this as their point of reference - in our opinion it weighs a lot less than a chunky textbook and not to mention less costly than a verb book.


Learning isn't always all work and no fun - at least it doesn't feel that way when you're on the Learn German app. After downloading this free app, you'll discover how great a game-based learning experience truly is. Every level features flashcards with four different games to complete before moving up to the next level.

Of course we played and like all new users on Learn German; we started at 0%. After studying the flashcards, there are four different games all based on syntax; either testing users by multiple choice or spelling out the word.


Sometimes students need a more fun and interactive way to practice their German skills. Bravolol helps beginners stay on top of what they just learned. The app's extensive library features the most commonly used phrases and vocabulary by travelers and German speaking newbies for users to read over and practice speaking out loud. Accompanying your learning experience is Bravolol's trusty German speaking parrot who will correctly pronounce the word, making sure you stay on track.

Did we mention that you can easily access Bravolol whenever and wherever? Making it a great pocket-app for when you and your students frolic about on a guided walking tour or some leisure time throughout the cities of Berlin and Munich.


This next resource is one we highly recommend for German students and teachers. GermanPod101 offers great resources in abundance for you to pick and choose. While students have podcasts, video lessons and study apps to choose from - teachers can surf through vocabulary tools and flashcards to include in their next lesson.

What's even more amazing is the community forum German Pod 101 hosts, that connects all German speakers and teachers from across the globe. If that hasn't sold you - all of their video and audio podcasts are free and signing up for their newsletter will give you the inside scoop on content to help you spice up your next German lesson.


Deutsch Info is the German classroom you've always dreamed about - accessible online and for free. This website offers users courses including lessons and exercises categorized by learning levels. Each level holds exercises and quizzes on a variety of topics such as introductions, weather, celebrations and holidays. From interactive learning to a library full of help on grammar, verbs, and syntax - users are also granted free access to their extensive media library. What's great is that these media files cover a variety of fun and interesting topics like music, fables, poetry and ads.

Our favorite feature is the forums that connect you with anything you'd like to learn more about; whether it be using the website to its maximum potential or reading tips other teachers are sharing to make the German learning experience that much greater for students.


One of our favorite finds from this resources hunt is Learn Out Live German. What's great about this website is the variety of content it offers. While still educational, Learn Out Live German offers its visitors the opportunity to practice the way they want to. From quizzes on the country's capitals, to cartoon series and German graphic novels; students will no longer be able to use the excuse that learning German is dull.

Don't worry teachers, we didn't forget about you - you can find an endless amount of material on Learn Out Live German to incorporate with your current curriculum. Learn Out Live German has got you covered on those days when you're feeling little inspiration and short on time.


We know how hard it can be to pump up the enthusiasm level for a foreign language class. That's why we're always looking for tools and resources to help you out and stress a little less. While offering has tools for those learning German, what makes Just Add German special is the designated hub it hosts for German teachers.

A teaching toolkit just for YOU - Our favorite feature on Just Add German is the teacher's tool kit. This part of the website includes a variety of free teaching materials such as webinars, strategies for your curriculum and if that wasn't enough - a support group that connects you with all the German groups, online and offline, from around the globe. We're positive you'll find one near you that is suitable to your needs.


Infusing elements of education and fun; Jabba German offers a learning experience that is animated, interactive and successful to becoming a better German speaker. Jabbalab's mantra is to make learning a language simple by not bombarding users with an influx of content. The solution: replacing the traditional flash cards with an animated short that still included the lesson's key notes.

So how does it work? Jabbalab's lessons are structured on a wheel. Users will first watch an animated short on the topic of the selected lesson. Phrases spoken throughout the video will feature both the German syntax and the English translation. Following the video are a series of vocabulary and grammar lessons which users will later be quizzed on. If you ask us - we think the animated shorts are great and refreshing from flashcards.


Spicing up their educational content with humor - Learn German Easily lives up to its name as the quirky audio lessons have something for students and teachers to enjoy. Learn German Easily features an extensive library of lessons on learning how to speak, write and read German. While some of its content is free for users, teachers also have the option of buying a package worth of lessons.

Follow them on Twitter @LearnXDGerman because they tweet in German and educational content daily with an English translation soon after. So if their package isn't in your budget, you get free and great content on your Twitter feed just at the click of a button!


Another great library for German content and resources is Kirsten Winkler's Deutsch Happen. Scroll through Winkler's blogs that cover just about everything in a "bite size"; from cultural German events and holidays to the German language and why everyone should learn to speak it. She also shares a number of readily available podcasts, videos and more external resources to enhance your student's learning experiences.

What we really enjoy about Kirsten's blogs is the variety of authentic German content she offers readers. The resources are well thought out for any German student looking to expand their knowledge about German culture and the powerful, historical country.


Looking for a true brain tickler? Then Deutsch Training is the online platform for you. Offering German students daily exercises on vocabulary and grammar with visual mind maps, the website regularly challenges users. We suggest this site for more intermediate speakers as the website is in German with little to no English translations for beginners to reference.

We also want to note that following their Twitter account is a great way to practice your German as they tweet multiple choice exercises and visual mind maps daily.


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