5 Steps to Getting School Board Approval for Your Student Trip

After you’ve decided that you want to take your students on an educational trip, the next step is to get the approval of your school board. While the requirements will vary by school board, there is certain basic information that most school boards will request. Being prepared with the appropriate documents and confident in your reasons for traveling with your students will make getting your school board’s approval much easier.

Here’s what you should know

  1. Have a copy of your tour company’s operating license and proof of their in-trust accounts. This information proves that you have chosen a legitimate travel agency and that your students’ payments will be protected.
  3. Show proof of the tour company’s SYTA membership. SYTA is the Student and Youth Travel Association, a non-profit, professional trade association that promotes student travel and fosters professionalism among tour providers. Members of this organization provide high quality tours and adhere to the association’s quality standards and guidelines.
  5. Demonstrate the tour company’s guidelines for consumer protection. Your school board wants to know about the liabilities inherent to taking students off school grounds for an extended period of time. As a student travel agency registered in Quebec, Prométour abides by travel industry laws that are the most stringent in North America. Go to your meeting with a copy of the travel company’s Certificate of Insurance and provide documents that detail liability insurance and travel insurances.
  7. Understand any and all service fees charged by the tour company that may be applied to student accounts. While Prométour only has one (a non sufficient fund penalty for bounced checks), other student tour agencies can heavily charge for late payments, modifications to the itinerary, etc.
  9. Be prepared to answer questions and concerns about the assistance your group will be provided while on tour. This includes knowing the safety protocol of your tour agency. Prométour provides groups with a tour director who stays with your group 24/7, and we provide our groups with all flight and hotel information in advance.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add all the reasons you decided to lead your students on an educational trip in the first place: the unique tour activities and experiences that will have a lasting impact on young minds and hearts. 

Your tour company should provide you with all necessary forms and any additional information that your school board may request. Your tour consultant is the best person to contact if your school board has any additional requests.

And once you have your school board’s approval, it’s time to shift into a higher gear. Your tour consultant can provide you with resources for fundraising and promoting your tour to students and their parents. 


Your tour consultant is there to provide support at every step of the planning process, and at Prométour, we’re proud of the excellent customer service provided by our dedicated tour consultants. Why don’t you give us a call to see for yourself?


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Vincent Guerineau

Vincent is a digital marketing specialist at Prométour. He loves all things travel - especially tasting local food - and strives to help teachers making the world their classroom.