8 Can't Miss Québec Winter Experiences with Prométour

Want to experience winter like a true Canadian? One with snow much fun? Look no further as Prométour has got more than just the basics covered. Here's our list of the 8 Can't Miss Québec Winter Experiences with Prométour.

1) Winter Carnival
Embrace the season and everything it has to offer at the world's largest winter carnival; Carnaval de Québec.
Learn about Québec's traditions and heritage through interactive activities and exhibits. Since 1955, the carnival has turned the hardships of winter to instead be a season of snow much fun.

2) The Ice Hotel
The Hôtel de Glace offers the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Rebuilt and redesigned every year; it's built of only snow and ice. This year's 2016 theme was announced as; RIVERS being the hotel's inspiration. Visit the Ice Hotel and immerse yourself in the architectural phenomenon. You can even stay the night if you like!

3) Montmorency Falls
Spectacular in the summer and even so during the winter months; discover the Montmorency Falls freeze and the ice cone that forms in front of them. The park offers hiking trails and snowshoeing and to those feeling brave; you can even ice climb the cone and experience the falls on a whole other level.

4) Skate or Ski on the Plains of Abraham
Skate, ski or snowshoe in this scenic UNESCO site that held the Battle of The Plains of Abraham in 1759. Take hand-ons learning to another level by learning about the Québec history while skating.

5) Dog sledding
Experience the sleigh ride of a lifetime while being pulled by the friendliest (and cutest!) husky pups in Québec. Our musher friends Steve and Laurent; tell us that being led through the wooden and snowy paths by a pack of trained huskies is simply a can't-miss exhilarating moment. The best part? You get to even get to meet the pack and their pups for a little playtime. We hear they're the friendliest; even with first-time sledders.

6) Ice Canoe Racing
Sometimes you just want to take part in the coolest and most unique activity so you can brag about with your friends, family and coworkers - We get it. For that, we have the world's most unique winter sport that only happens and that only can happen in Québec. A part of Québec heritage and longest standing tradition at the Winter Carnival, you can watch ice canoe racing happen live at the festival and if you're willing you can even partake in your own race.

7) Montreal en Lumiere/Nuit Blanche
Every winter, downtown Montreal transforms into one of the world's largest winter festivals. Montreal en Lumiere, features something for everyone from gastronomy, performing arts and outdoor activities. The gastronomical panel features renowned chef speakers and tastings every year for foodies. For art lovers, the festival hosts original creations and interactive exhibitions of music, circus arts, theatre and dance. The festival's final weekend wraps up with an all-nighter known as Nuit Blanche.

8) Skate underneath the Fireworks

Aside from fun, winter can be full of romance especially in the city of Montréal. Scoop your date up and lace up some skates at the Bonsecours Basin. A music theme for every night of the week and a special fireworks show that happens every Saturday night. That's right, a fireworks show happening right above the rink as you skate a figure 8!

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