A Message from Prométour's Sebastien Letailleur

Dear teachers, parents and students,

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has had to face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. Seeing this health crisis sweep across the globe and affect us all has been truly devastating, and we’ve had to make significant changes to our daily lives.

Seeing such widespread resilience from so many across the world gives us hope for the future, and we know we’ll adapt and get through this trying time.

Protecting the health and safety of our groups and ourselves

In response to this situation, the first priority for Prométour was to ensure a safe return home for all our travelers on tour. In collaboration with airlines, suppliers, partners, and our other Prométour offices worldwide, our groups were all returned home safely and quickly.

It was also extremely important for Prométour to protect the health and safety of staff members. Management was quick to form a plan to transition all office operations to a work-from-home model. This was carefully planned and executed, and employees could seamlessly continue working to resolve the situation for customers while following the recommended social distancing measures.

Like all our partners in the industry as well as other tour operators, Prométour was faced with the inevitable cancellation of all planned tours for the 2020 season from March onward. This meant that we had to act quickly and work around the clock to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.

Easing financial strain

We include our Peace of Mind Program and a very comprehensive insurance policy in our tour packages as a way to minimize the financial impact of unforeseen events such as this. While most tour companies offered future travel vouchers as a solution, we felt it was best to instead make sure that families could receive as much of their money back as possible, as quickly as possible.

Looking ahead

With the start of a new school year, schools, teachers, parents and students are all facing an unusual back to school season as the system adapts to new and constantly changing measures. We are wishing you a smooth transition and offer our support in any way that we can.

We know that the world is becoming better equipped each day to handle the challenges this year has brought us. We’ve implemented many new health and safety measures to adapt our tours to the new normal, and we know our groups can feel confident about traveling the world with us again soon. This leads me to the exciting announcement that we are launching Beyond by Prométour , our newly branded adult division.

At Prométour , we are looking ahead and feeling optimistic about the future of travel. We remain passionate about what we do, excited to guide you through amazing travel experiences, and are focused on offering you the highest quality service and tours possible.

We look forward to helping you and your students discover the world again.


Sébastien Letailleur

Prométour Co-Founder and Owner