Celebrating 375Mtl with Prometour: Why You Need to Visit

Come and experience one of the greatest Canadian metropolitan cities which is often dubbed as a miniature Europe. If there has ever been a better time to visit the city of Montréal - it's this year for the city's 375th founding anniversary.

Turning the big 375 on May 17th, the city has a variety of interactive exhibits, activities, and festivals going on in order to properly celebrate. See why you should be celebrating 375Mtl with Prométour and why you need to visit in 2017.

We're happy to call this incredible city our home, so who better to show you around and bring you front row to all the excitement than Montréal natives? What makes our city so great is the amount of European history embedded throughout its vessels, the multiculturalism and never ending festivals of music, food, arts...You name it, there's a festival!

With French being the official language; Montréal offers an educational and immersive environment while also giving students and travelers alike the chance to kick things into third gear and get in on some Northern Montréal fun.

With more activities yet to be announced in the upcoming months; we exclusively dug out the fun activities Alive375 has in store for you. With four different phases throughout the year; Montréal Lights Up, Montréal Gets Moving, Montréal Ignite, Montréal Reinvents; there is something for everyone - just take a look:

1) Living Connections

For Montréal's 375th Anniversary and Canada's 150th Confederation; Montréal's iconic Jacques Cartier bridge will light up the sky and St. Lawrence River. The illumination project; Living Connections, will represent Montréal's creativity, vibe and varying sensations throughout the city's seasons. Be sure to catch the glimmering bridge during the city's annual fireworks which will surely add, even more, magic to the enchanting Old Port.

2) Illuminart

If you have never visited Montréal during winter, then you have never experienced how much the city comes alive even throughout the bitter cold months. One of the city's winter festivals is Montréal en Lumière which lights up the Quartier des Spectacles with beautiful, interactive installations. It's no surprise that the company will once again team up and bring their A-Game for Montréal's big birthday; Illuminart is sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

3) Les Hivernales

Montréal winters are not for hibernating; they're meant to be embraced! Les Hivernales is a fundamental winter event to Montréal's 375th and an ode to the city's historic winter carnivals which once took place before Quebec City's Carnaval dominated. The carnival will host a variety of fun activities from building snowmen, curling, hockey, sledding, and competitions like; who can dig their cars out of snow faster (a sport played by every Montréal native!).

4) Merci Montreal!

L'École Supérieure De Ballet Du Québec will be thanking Montréal for building a strong reputation and International Dance status throughout the dance world. To show their love for the city; 125 ballerinas will pirouette in different neighborhood squares and show their gratitude in a way they know best - through dance. Spectators are invited to watch Merci Montréal! and appreciate the art of ballet.

5) Le Super Méga Continental

Think flash mob with a contemporary dance feel and you've got Le Super Méga Continental. This troupe will feature 375 dancers who will celebrate the city's anniversary at the Place des Festivals. Le Super Méga Continental invites all those who share the same passion and love for their city to dance with them. Embracing Montréal's multicultural diversity; the group includes amateur dancers varying from different ages and backgrounds to represent Montréalers and those who call the city home.

6) Ville-Marie Fort & L'égout collector William

On May 17th, Pointe-à-Callière will unveil an exhibition that has been 15 years in the making! Celebrating its own anniversary of 25 years, Pointe-à-Callière will display Montréal's first fort ever built in 1642. The Fort Ville-Marie has been a work in progress and will offer visitors a chance to walk over glass looking in. Another great site will be the cleaned out L'égout collector William (Sewage pipe) that connects the fort and museum. The route has been transformed to offer a full surround sound and visual experience for those taking the 375-meter walk from each museum point.

If you're in town during the first weekend - May 19th - 22nd. . .

Take a trip back to New France at this unique free outdoor activity in Montréal's Old Port; Encounters in New France. Experience how life was during the French regime with characters of the New France regime and First Nations. Interact with historic characters, enjoy music and immerse yourself in Montréal's past at the beautiful Vieux Port de Montréal. Remember this event is only happening from May 19th to 22nd.

7) Cité Mémoire

Telling the story of Montréal's history and its fundamental figures, Cité Mémoire is the perfect interactive (and free!) tour. Throughout the city; projections will be placed in areas to replay important moments of history. Paying tribute to those who built the city and made Montréal what it is today; enjoy the creative projections on buildings, walls, and trees. We cannot wait for the Old Forum area of Montréal to feature some of the city's hockey legends.

8) Street Theatre

Montréal is known as a creative hub with an international status for the arts. So it's no surprise that alongside ballet and contemporary dance; theatre is art which will be featured in the 375mtl festivities. 60 troupes from France, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Canada will take over the streets of Montréal throughout the month of July 2017. A total of 800 shows will be performed, making it the largest street theater event to ever be held in North America.

9) Royal de Luxe Giants

This month, Montréal will welcome the international giant marionettes of the Royal de Luxe street theatre. Set your eyes in the sky and on the gigantic marionettes that will act out different stories of history throughout the Old Port. Resonating from France, this parade has promenaded the streets of many major capital cities across the globe. Due to strong ties with France; Montréal will be the first North American city to host the Royal de Luxe street theater.

10) Au Sommet PVM Observation Deck

Lookouts are recommended for those who want to absorb the city as a whole; we recommend the newest observatory deck at Place Ville Marie. The 360° Observation Deck offers visitors spectacular views of the city's different neighborhoods, the Saint Lawrence River, Mount Royal, the Olympic Stadium etc. Stop for lunch at the restaurant below or save it for later.


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