Teach Your Students Every Country’s Tourism Slogan with this Handy Map

Every country has a slogan, some more creative than others. Some countries bill themselves as everything a tourist could possibly want while other countries focus on a specific trait. Some marketing departments have clearly done a better job such as Scotland’s "A spirit of its own" or Madagascar's “A genuine island, a world apart” – while others could have put a bit more effort into brainstorming some ideas.

Countries do a lot of things to market themselves to tourists and slogans play a big part in their marketing campaign. And if you’ve ever wanted a resource to see each and every one of them, you are now in luck. U.K. travel website Family Break Finder has collected slogans from all of but 38 countries (who don’t have one) and put them on one giant map.

Click here to expand the map, or see a breakdown of each content below. Enjoy!

via FamilyBreakFinder.com 


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