Customized vs. Packaged Tours

So you’ve decided on travelling with your students; maybe to France to brush up their French, Italy to experience la Bella vita, or Spain to relive its majestic history. Even if you still haven’t decided where exactly you’ll take them; you should be thinking about what type of educational tour fits you and your students’ needs.

Student travel impacts more than the class discussions following the trip; it leaves your students with memories that’ll last them a lifetime. That being said, why not make them positive ones they will always cherish? To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve listed three great advantages of choosing a customized educational tour:


Just because you’re in Paris for one day doesn’t mean your experience should be anything short of spectacular. Expert consultants are great at building itineraries for those of you who want to see as much as possible even in a shorter period of time. Led by locally based guides; customized private tours only cut time from tourist traps and not your exploration of the city.


By choosing a customized tour that only includes private groups, you are placing your students in a safer and more intimate environment. Barcelona can be busy and crowded on the famous Las Ramblas; having a tour guide whose focus is solely on your students is less stressful and leaves parents back home more at ease. With more focus on your students, a private tour becomes more personal and creates an open environment where your students are not intimidated to ask questions. They are encouraged to engage in conversation with their tour guide about their surroundings.


Unlike a packaged tour with an itinerary often including crowded hop-on buses; customized itineraries are flexible to fit you and your students' needs. With the ability to customize tours, you get to choose what you want to see. You would rather visit behind the scenes of the Teatro alla Scala than a stroll through Cinecittà that day because of bad weather? This can be arranged in a customized package.


Your needs are the number one priority over packaging your trip with an itinerary that doesn’t completely meet them.

(Prométour's flexibility goes further; our experts help you build a tour that not only fits your curriculum but also your budget.)


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Vincent Guerineau

Vincent is a digital marketing specialist at Prométour. He loves all things travel - especially tasting local food - and strives to help teachers making the world their classroom.