Introducing Our Prométour Passports: Spain!

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Drumroll please! Prométour is now proud to offer our groups custom-made Spain passports! A country with so much to offer, creating a passport to encompass all of Spain, from its Moorish history in the South to its Basque Country culture in the North, was no easy feat. However, with an office in Malaga we felt up to the task! We hope you and your students have as much fun using the passports as we had making them.

Like our Quebec and France passports, our Spain passports have useful information for students to read about while on tour. This includes, maps, facts, history and phrases. They can also delight in our trivia quizzes, photo-scavenger hunt, and learning Spanish idiomatic expressions. Do you know what it means to tomar el pelo?

The passport makes a great educational addition while on tour, and also works well as a souvenir thereafter. We hope to hear all about your next Prométour adventure in Spain, and how you liked our passports. Until then, ¡hasta luego!

To do these passports justice, have a look at this video where Prométopians Lori Hammerschmidt and Katherine Gonzalez show it to you themselves! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more of our blogs.

Lori Hammerschmidt

Before joining the Prométour team as a Tour Project Manager Lori taught English in Colombia for two years. She’s a fan of many things including travel, the outdoors, animals, theatre, and history. She can’t wait to help kick off your student trip!