Why Homestays are the Best Immersion Programs

Choosing to stay with a host-family is a great way to make your educational trip even more immersive. You get to experience culture from the locals right in the comfort of their home. Do you love the idea of home cooked meals, friendly local families and feeling at home away from home? If so, a homestay immersion program is perfect for you.

What's great is that we offer a ton of homestay opportunities in Spain, Peru, Costa Rica, France, Québec, and China!

Here are just some reasons why Homestays are the best immersion programs.

Culturally immersive

Staying with a host family is a great way to connect and learn more about the country's culture. It offers travellers like yourself a more authentic experience and an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the culture even further. A host family experience is raw and genuine as you're surrounded by everyday people who want to share their traditions and stories with you.

Less Homesick

Falling homesick can happen when travelling abroad as you might start to miss your friends and family. Staying with a host family can help with these feelings as the familiar family atmosphere is present. By attending family dinners, celebrating birthdays or cultural holidays; a host-family can really make the transition a lot easier than you'd think. They may do things a little differently than what you're used to but the sense of family and traditions is prevalent.

Saves you money

If you're on a budget - opting for a homestay can be a real money-saver. Apart from being more affordable that the average hotel, another great benefit is the home cooked meals! Home-cooked meals mean munching on something authentic and delicious!

Improves your language skills

Staying at an international hotel with a bilingual staff sometimes makes travellers comfortably resort to speaking English rather than trying to speak the native language. There's no better way to improve your language skills than by living with the locals. While your host-family might speak a bit of English, don't use that as a crutch - this is a great opportunity to practice! Besides, speaking with your host-family in a judgment-free zone builds your confidence so that you are less intimidated and nervous to speak around town with the locals.

Builds strong friendships

A host-family becomes your second family, you're welcomed into their home which soon becomes your home too. Sharing personal stories over family dinners about the different cultural traditions you and your family practice back home, to learning new words every day - the bond that grows is inevitable when staying with a local family.


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