Why our colleagues in Costa Rica want you to visit

How exactly does Costa Rica offer the perfect educational experience for you and your students? By combining a Spanish immersion environment packed with fun activities and a beautiful background of rainforests and beaches - you can take your students out of the classroom and into the exciting country that is Costa Rica.

We asked our colleagues and friends in Costa Rica for the inside scoop on why teachers just like yourself should consider Costa Rica for your next educational adventure.



Why teachers & students should visit Costa Rica?

Welcome to our family, is the phrase that best describes the experience that teachers and students will have when they visit Costa Rica.

As soon as they touch down at the airport, guides will welcome you with big smiles and hearts. Before embarking on your Costa Rican adventure through different forests and wildlife; you will meet friends who will be attentive to your needs and feel the Costa Rican hospitality in both hotels and local families.

Your journey will begin in the cloudy mountains of Poas Volcano, continue through the rainforest of Sarapiqui, face active volcanos like Arenal and end your daily adventures by relaxing on beautiful beaches like that of Manuel Antonio. That's Costa Rica. A country of forests where teachers and students experience a culture filled with loving people, delicious food, beautiful beaches, green forests, diverse wildlife and abundant plants. Pura Vida will have a long-term effect on your life and travel experiences!

What Costa Rica has to offer that’s both educational & fun?

Students can partake in cooking classes under trees. they study at El Rancho in the middle of nature and learn traditional Costa Rican dancing. They walk through immense green forests and will want to reach out for the monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

Students can also learn the process of how delicious chocolate is made with help of the rainforests. They will also learn how to be more environmentally conscious of their surroundings by planting more trees. You and your students can also give back to the locals with school visits and by bringing supplies. With a rich biodiversity, green forests, and lush beaches, your students can have the chance to leave their classrooms and learn in the great outdoors.

Why should they choose Prometour to visit Costa Rica?

Everyone should choose Prometour because the whole team is Pura Vida! This team knows Costa Rica well and travelled here just last summer.

Every Prometour adventure captures the true essence of Costa Rica by including authentic meals, immersion programs, volunteering opportunities, interaction with the locals, nature hikes and hands-on activities.

Their extensive travel experience allows them to offer the best of Costa Rica depending on teachers and students needs and wants; while never offering anything short of an amazing lifetime travel experience.

A few words about El Rancho...

El Rancho is a multifunctional hospitable place in Costa Rica where guests are welcomed to share and live with local families or stay at the lodge just nearby from the rural village.

Learn how to cook and eat authentic Costa Rican dishes; learn Spanish in class and practice what you’ve learned with the locals, show off your dance moves and art skills.

El Rancho is far from an ordinary hotel – it is the place to stay for teachers and students looking to add more variety and fun to an educational experience. El Rancho is also exclusive to Prometour!

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