5 Reasons Why Costa Rica is the Perfect Destination for Student Travel

Undoubtedly, the destination of any student tour serves as the basis for the trip; it anchors your travel goals and structures your tour thematically. While some teachers are quite limited when it comes to destination selection, others are afforded a variety of options to choose from. For those with a little flexibility and a keen interest in adventure, we offer you Costa Rica. Check out our top 5 reasons why Costa Rica’s Pura Vida lifestyle can suit (almost) every educational tour!



The primary goal of any educational tour is to bring students out of their comfort zones as they face new challenges and develop a sense of independence. No destination meets this particular challenge quite as literally as Costa Rica does… With itineraries that boast activities like white-water rafting, sea kayaking, and ziplining, Costa Rica provides the perfect backdrop for students to conquer their fears and develop a strong sense of confidence!


Language and Immersion

As all language teachers know, the most meaningful learning takes place in an immersive environment. Prométour’s partnership with El Rancho Lodge has allowed us to create well-rounded itineraries with the help of Costa Rican host families and immersive language courses. El Rancho Lodge’s authentic environment will foster an organic language experience for your students.



With diverse ecosystems, active volcanoes, and exciting wildlife, Costa Rica is the ideal destination for a science field study. Its rich biodiversity provides the perfect setting for students to partake in hands-on activities at the Tirimbina Rainforest, conservation projects at the Proyecto Asis Wildlife Rescue Center, rock explorations at the Venado Caves, and much more. Truly, Costa Rica is every science enthusiast’s playground!


Community Outreach

Community outreach projects serve as an excellent platform for travelers to develop collaborative skills all while helping improve a Costa Rican community. Our service programs typically include volunteering at a local school, visiting an orphanage, and participating in an animal conservation project. Such endeavors provide a great opportunity to instill a charitable habit in your students while practicing language skills and engaging with locals.


Pura Vida

Last but certainly not least, we have Pura Vida! The term Pure Vida embodies the relaxed attitude and culture that Ticos embrace while living in a literal paradise. The Costa Rican culture celebrates the simplicity and beauty of life, an ethos shared by all of its people. With such welcoming people and a laid-back culture, a tour of Costa Rica would be heaven!  

Erin C

Erin has always had a passion for travel and adventure; in the past she has visited countries like Australia, Greece, Portugal and many more! When she is not working at Prométour or searching for travel inspiration, Erin can be found skiing, running, or reading. She can’t wait to help give life to the trip you’ve been dreaming of!