The first day of school can be quite daunting for students. Whether they are starting the year at a new school or simply...

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Sport a Pink Shirt and Take a Stand Against Bullying

Celebrate Pink T-Shirt Day on February 24th


While we often look back on...

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Napa Valley’s international reputation is held in the hands of some 500 wineries that fill the area. Its celebration of wine...

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San Francisco has easily established itself as the perfect venue for opportunity and acceptance. With an excess of culinary...

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Here at Prométour, we are counting down the days until Christmas! While this year’s holiday season will be different from those...

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For our American friends, thanksgiving celebrations are well on their way! Get-togethers might be a little smaller than usual...

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Portugal is quickly emerging as one of Europe’s most sought-after destinations. The country’s dramatic coastline, powdered...

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While Portugal has many enticing attractions, do not overlook the country’s absolutely delicious desserts. These treats are all...

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On the eleventh minute, of the eleventh hour on November 11th, commonwealth countries around the world share a moment of silence...

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