Costa Rica – Unforgettable Moments

While it’s probably safe to say that all of the moments during your time in Costa Rica will be unforgettable, we’ve narrowed it down to three experiences that will surely remain fond memories in your mind for years to come.

La Fortuna Waterfall

There’s more to the Arenal region and La Fortuna than just the massive Arenal Volcano (although it is a must-see!). A great way to spend the day here is to make the trip to see La Fortuna Waterfall.

If you’re okay with descending down roughly 500 steps (and back up again), then tie up your walking shoes because going all the way down is well worth the cardio. If you’d prefer to skip the workout, the views of the waterfall from one of the observation sites above are incredible as well.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the waterfall, you’ll be blown away by the force at which the water crashes down. Visit after a heavy rainfall if you really want to experience the power of nature! Here you’ll see lots of local creatures, critters and lush greenery.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

It’s no mystery where the name Monteverde or, “Green Mountain” comes from. The greenery here absolutely cannot be beat, so it’s easy to see why over 200,000 tourists visit this small community each year.

No matter the weather conditions or where you are in the reserve, you’ll be in awe of what’s before your eyes. While under the shady cover of the dense forest, enjoy being surrounded by thousands of different types of trees and plants, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of the birds, monkeys and other creatures that populate the area. Every so often, you’ll emerge from the trees and be astounded by the vastness of the mountains and valleys, and the unique way the clouds settle in and give the views their signature misty appearance.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Photo-1

Photo: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Walking Path Photo-1

Photo: The well-maintained walking paths of Monteverde allow visitors to easily explore the area

Manuel Antonio

Even though Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s smallest national park, its biodiversity is nothing short of amazing. With over 100 species of mammals, and almost 200 species of birds, a visit to this lush and lively national park will surely satisfy your desire to observe the magnificent flora and fauna that draws thousands of travellers, nature enthusiasts and science-minded visitors each year.

Don’t feed the monkeys!

The number one rule you must follow when visiting the national park… do not bring snacks in with you!! Your bag will be searched before you enter to be sure that this rule is strictly followed. Mischievous monkeys are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob unsuspecting tourists of their granola bars and trail mix.


Photo: Be sure to look up and spot the sloths lounging in the trees

If beautiful beaches are on your wish list, Manuel Antonio will not disappoint. There are many beaches in the area aside from the famous Playa Manuel Antonio shown in travel brochures. You can easily access many other pristine beaches, all with different activities available such as snorkeling, surfing, parasailing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, banana boat riding, jet skiing, and more.

Manuel Antonio Beach Photo

Photo: Playa Manuel Antonio



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