By Andrea Petrar On February 16, 2022

Favourite Photo-op Moments

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By Andrea Petrar On April 22, 2021

Earth Day

Today marks the 51st official Earth Day, a day which has been designated to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote...

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Throughout history, women have played a major role in innovation and ground-breaking research, even though the percentage of...

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There are many memorable moments to be had during a visit to California. Experience some of the most breathtaking views...

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Tags: Blog, Memorable Moments, California

Planning the ultimate west coast road trip? If you have the time, it’s certainly worth it to start in Seattle and drive the...

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Tags: Blog, Bucket List, California

By Andrea Petrar On November 30, 2020

Bucket List - Portugal

For anyone looking to add a few things to their bucket list, look no further than the beautiful country of Portugal. This place...

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Tags: Blog, Portugal, Portugal Trips,

There’s no doubt that a trip to Portugal will leave you with many fond memories that will last a lifetime. The country is filled...

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By Andrea Petrar On November 1, 2020

World Vegan Day

Each year on November 1, the vegans of the world come together to celebrate their diet and lifestyle choices while raising...

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Tags: Blog, food, Vegan

With autumn finally upon us, we welcome the spooky Halloween season and the turning of the leaves. Even though celebrations will...

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Tags: Blog, Halloween, worldwide

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