Prométour’s End-of-Year Wrap-Up Activities

With the last day of school looming, we’re sure that your students are itching to get out of class and celebrate the first days of summer. Needless to say, teaching during this period is one of the most challenging times of the year for educators. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a brief list of activities that your students can look forward to as the school days start to dwindle down.


Awards Ceremony

The end of the year is much more than the opportunity for relaxation, it’s an important milestone in each student’s educational journey. Host an Oscar-esque awards ceremony to celebrate your student’s achievements, big or small! Slideshows and treats can make the event more formal and exciting for the kids.


Memory Book

It’s likely that your students are writing reflective pieces in each of their classes, give your assignment an edge by having them create a memory book highlighting formative moments from the past year, in and outside the classroom. Encourage them to explore their creativity by suggesting they include photos, song lyrics, and more!


Summer Bucket List

Embrace the summer excitement and have your students create their own Bucket Lists. Add some educational value to the exercise by requiring them to explain the different items on the list. Bonus? You can follow up with them next September to see what goals they accomplished, making this a perfect back-to-school icebreaker.


Service Project

Direct your student’s extra energy into something productive by organizing a community service project. Allow your students to spearhead the activity by having them design the project from the ground up, including deciding whom they’d like to give back to, how they’d like help, and the execution itself. Volunteering in class will not only help instill the importance of giving back but will serve as an opportunity for them to move and get out of the classroom.


Independent Work Time

This one is to the point: With exams coming up and assignment due dates looming, give your students the chance to catch up!


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