Race Through the Snow with one of Quebec's Fastest Dogsledding Teams

Quebec’s untouched landscape is an open invitation to be discovered. As you work alongside a Tour Consultant, be sure to include a dog sledding exhibition in your Quebec tour. As an activity, dog sledding will require a certain level of physical ability and is ideal for the family. It’s a unique way to discover Quebec’s stunning Borealis forests and will create memories for a lifetime.


Dog sledding is an extremely raw experience, one that plays on the stimulation of your senses. Imagine a team of huskies pulling you through a forest, green trees streaking beside you. You hear the sound of dogs excitedly barking and panting as you glide across the powdered snow. Feel the wind sting your face and your cheeks rosy up as you are immersed in the authentically Quebecois experience. The good news is dog sledding is easily accessible throughout the province; guided tours are available in Montreal, Quebec City, the Laurentians and more!

Husky Puppy

A dog sledding excursion may seem like a pure adrenaline rush; however, it is deeply rooted in indigenous culture and history. Dog sledding has been an important practice for the indigenous people with its origins dating back to two thousand years ago. When the region of Quebec was colonized by the French, they quickly discovered dog sledding through their interaction with the Iroquois people. The traditional term “mush” is derivative of the French word “marcher” which means “walk”. All guides have a strong understanding of dog sledding; expect to learn the basics as well as its historical significance during your ride!

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Discover rural Quebec with a team of huskies!


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