Celebrate Remembrance Day with a Visit to the Canadian War Museum

On the eleventh minute, of the eleventh hour on November 11th, commonwealth countries around the world share a moment of silence in recognition of war veterans and active armed forces members. The powerful silence serves as a stark reminder of the sacrifices that were made for our country. Historically, we have celebrated Remembrance Day with public ceremonies in memory of the lost soldiers. While our celebrations may be different this year, our sentiments will remain the same.

Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa on Remembrance Day.

Why not use this quiet Remembrance Day as an opportunity to explore the Canadian War Museum virtually. The museum’s website offers 25 online exhibits for you to delve into, most relevant is the “Remembrance Day” section. The exhibit commemorates those who fought and were lost at war. An afternoon spent educating yourself on the nation’s military history would be a meaningful way to honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

War Museum

The Canadian War Museum, located in  Ottawa.

When its doors are open to the public, the Canadian War Museum presents the nation’s most comprehensive military archival collection in its home to four major galleries, and hosts many travelling exhibitions. The four primary galleries are titled: Early Wars in Canada, The South African and First World Wars, The Second World War, and From the Cold War to the Present. As a whole, the museum illustrates Canada’s role and involvement in such conflicts, while exemplifying how these events have defined our national identity.

The Canadian War Museum’s collections generate an immersive and meaningful experience. The design strives to illustrate events ranging from topography’s effects on the Seven Years' War, to commemorating our nation’s involvement in World War I with a display of the maquettes for the statues residing in the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The museum's collection of over 500,000 artifacts, including military art and interactive experiences, were expertly curated to provide each visitor with the most educational tour possible.


Canadian National Vimy memorial in France.

We at Prométour would like the extend our sincere gratitude to Canadian veterans and armed forces members. We appreciate your sacrifice and are eager to learn about our country’s rich military history.


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