Thanksgiving-Themed Activities for Students

Let’s face it, teaching before the holidays can be a challenge. With the prospect of a turkey dinner and Thanksgiving Football only a few days away, it may be impossible to keep your students engaged. Check out our list of Thanksgiving-themed activities that will (hopefully!) keep your students busy:


Gratitude Journal

Reflective exercises serve as the foundation for any strong curriculum. For Thanksgiving, teach your students about Gratitude Journals and prompt them to reflect upon what they are most grateful for. Why stop at Thanksgiving? Encourage your kids to journal once a week!


Thanksgiving Escape Room

Escape rooms are an excellent activity for any subject as their interactive nature keeps students engaged and entertained! Divide your students into small groups and provide them with a locked box. Set up clues, puzzles, and riddles throughout the room, each answer should bring your students closer to unlocking the box. To keep your activity on theme, create a set of clues that reflect Thanksgiving history and traditions.


Community Service

At times it’s best to keep your lesson plans simple and to the point. This mantra applies excellently to Thanksgiving activities. After all, the most meaningful lesson can be as simple as giving back. Challenge your students to develop and execute a community service project. Whether it be creating a donation basket for families in need or volunteering at a soup kitchen, their work will instill the importance of giving back.


Celebrate Friendsgiving

This one might be a bit trickier and definitely messier! Organize a Friendsgiving meal for your students. A potluck-style meal will keep your students busy and fed for the afternoon!


Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

And when all else fails, turn on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Erin C

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