Top Digital Resources for Educators

Discovering fresh classroom content and inspiration can be challenging. While we know that the Internet can be a powerful resource, its infiniteness can work against us at times. Luckily, we have you covered! Continue reading to see our list of the top Internet educational resources to give your lessons a breath of fresh air. 


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online tool that provides support primarily for learners from pre-k to college, both in and outside the classroom. With a collection of exercises, videos, and lessons covering a diverse set of topics you’re sure to find material that suits your student’s needs. Moreover, Khan Academy has a dedicated section for parents and teachers!

Bonus: Khan Academy is free!


Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where educators can sell and buy classroom resources. The website offers a wide variety of classroom resources, ranging from busy work activities to fully fleshed-out lesson plans. While the Free TPT membership allows you to purchase lessons, you’ll need an upgraded plan to receive all the perks of selling your own classroom material.



Edutopia’s core belief is that every classroom should embrace innovation. To this end, Edutopia produces articles and practical tools that allow educators to tackle major topics such as classroom management, differentiated instruction, and more through the lens of six major categories: Comprehensive Assessment, Integrated Studies, Project-Based Learning, Social & Emotional Learning, Teacher Development, and Technology Integration.

Bonus: Edutopia is free!



Socrative is the perfect tool to upgrade your classroom assessments! Students simply have to follow a shareable link to complete quizzes and exit cards, while you can receive instant feedback and results. Educators can use the data from their assessments to understand their student’s learning and bridge any gaps.

Tip: Don’t skip out on the Space Race feature, it’s sure to maximize fun!



Kahoot is another great assessment tool for classrooms. Use Kahoot to create pre-assessments to determine your students existing knowledge of a given topic or to check understanding during a lesson. The competitive nature of Kahoot will keep your students engaged and on their toes!

Bonus: Kahoot is free!



FlipGrid is a great alternative for the classic response write-up or classroom discussion. Educators can post a prompt in a private group and students can respond via text, audio message, or video. Watch as your students easily gain the confidence to use their voices and develop their oratory skills!



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