Travel Sustainably with Prométour for Earth Day

As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded of the importance of practicing sustainable habits not only in our daily lives but during our travel adventures. There are a handful of eco-friendly travel choices that we can all make to help reduce our carbon footprint. Take a look at Prometour’s tips and tricks for sustainable travel below:

Walking and biking tours vs. bus tours

Hit the ground running and participate in a walking (or biking!) tour of your destination. A great alternative to a bus tour, walking tours will give you the chance to take in the fresh air and quickly meet your daily step goals.

Take advantage of your destination’s public transit system and BMW: Bus, walk, metro! An added benefit of ditching your bus for public transit? Avoiding traffic and parking fees!

Visit local markets
No matter your destination, you will do well to allocate some time to visit a local market. Perfect for souvenirs and snacks, you can rest assured that your purchases will be locally sourced without the massive carbon footprint associated with shipping. Even more so, you can take pride in supporting local artisans and businesses.

Offset your trips
Go the extra mile and partake in a reforestation program to offset your trip’s carbon footprint. There are a variety of organizations, such as Taking Root, that allow travelers to plant trees to counteract the impact of their long drives or flights and contribute to a healthier planet. 

Invest in companies that prioritize the environment
Companies throughout the industry are prioritizing sustainable practices providing you, the consumer, with a wealth of eco-friendly options! From airlines to accommodations, travelers have more freedom of choice when it comes to planning their eco-friendly adventures.

The good news? Prométour has already taken these steps so you can comfortably partake in sustainable student travel! 


Erin C

Erin has always had a passion for travel and adventure; in the past she has visited countries like Australia, Greece, Portugal and many more! When she is not working at Prométour or searching for travel inspiration, Erin can be found skiing, running, or reading. She can’t wait to help give life to the trip you’ve been dreaming of!