World Vegan Day

Each year on November 1, the vegans of the world come together to celebrate their diet and lifestyle choices while raising awareness and advocating through events, social media campaigns, workshops, and other educational initiatives. Many vegans would agree that spreading their message and encouraging kindness and compassion toward animals is an important aspect of practicing veganism, which goes much further than plant-based food choices.

Vegan Photo #1

Photo: Vegan grilled cheeze sandwich, homemade fries, and a fresh salad

The term “vegan” refers to a whole lifestyle and set of values, rather than simply a specific diet. Vegans not only refrain from eating meat and other animal products, but they also avoid products and services that utilize animals in any way. This can mean not supporting aquariums, zoos, or animal races as well as avoiding any cosmetic or household products tested on animals. Clothing materials made from animals such as leather, wool, fur, silk, and feathers are also avoided in favor of synthetic or plant-derived options.

This year, why not join in the fun and find a way to celebrate World Vegan Day? Try committing to a plant-based diet for 3 days, or find a few vegan social media accounts to follow so you can learn more about the vegan lifestyle. Try a new recipe, or find a brand of cosmetics that does not test on animals or use animal products. Seek out a documentary on veganism, or pick up a book to read on the subject. There are many small ways you can get involved and explore your curiosity about this increasingly popular lifestyle.

Vegan Photo #2

Photo: Quinoa stuffed Portobello mushroom, roasted beets, and a fresh salad

World Vegan Day has been celebrated annually since 1994, and was started to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society. The word “vegan” takes the beginning and end of the word “vegetarian” and has been used to differentiate the two lifestyles since 1944.


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