At first glance the New Cathedral of Salamanca (Catedral Nueva de Salamanca) resembles any other impressive Spanish cathedral....

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Ask anyone why they travel and you’re sure to hear a variety of answers: language, culture, relaxation, adventure-the list...

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Choosing to stay with a host-family is a great way to make your educational trip even more immersive. You get to experience...

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When planning any trip, budget and time restrictions play a big role. If a European tour isn’t in the cards for your student...

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In one of his many highly-acclaimed novels titled Sobre el deporte (On Sport), poet, novelist, journalist, painter,...

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The first city that comes to mind when we talk about France is Paris and the first attraction that comes to mind when we...

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Quebec is a hotbed for musical talent, spanning a diverse range of genres which run the gamut from indie, electronica, world...

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Every country has a slogan, some more creative than others. Some countries bill themselves as everything a tourist could...

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